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2016 Mar

2015 May


2010 Jan

IN POST (EDIT): Sandi & Stevie Save Rainbow Forest
First Rough Edit completed. Lots more work to do. LIKE us on Facebook (-:

FILMING COMPLETED: Sandi & Stevie Save Rainbow Forest
Sandi & Stevie have completed filming of their first children's feature film. Pollution is affecting the beauty of Rainbow Forest. Sandi & Stevie, with the help of some very special friends, restore its beauty. Please LIKE us on Facebook.

*NEW SHOW: Sandi Sings Bedtime Favorites
Sandi performs some of your very favorite bedtime songs in a brand new show for children under 8. Perfect for sleepovers, evening affairs and at schools to prepare children for nap-time. The show is interactive and educational and incorporates a dazzling planetarium star show for an enchanting and delightful experience.
2009 August

Sandi & Stevie now on Twitter & Facebook
You may now follow Sandi & Stevie on Facebook and Twitter. Keep up with the latest gossip and tweet (is that a hint about the subject of the next CD?) Sandi & Stevie whenever you're in the mood (-:
2009 July

Sandi & Stevie Voted Best Children's Entertainers by BAPM
Sandi & Stevie are honored to once again be voted by readers of Bay Area Parent Magazine as Best Of The Best Children's Entertainers for 2009, thus making them GOLD Medal Winners. A BIG THANK YOU to all who voted (-:
2009 July

Sandi Sings Bedtime Favorites: Best CD for Babies
Sandi Sings Bedtime Favorites has been selected as Editor's Pick by Diablo magazine as Best CD for Babies for 2009. Sandi & Stevie are Diablo magazine multiple winners, including Best Children's Entertainers in 2005 & 2007.
2008 Nov 28

*NEW CD: Sandi Sings Bedtime Favorites
The official release date for Sandi Sings Bedtime Favorites is confirmed as December 6th, 2008.
2008 Nov 5

Message from Mark Wyatt, Phillies Music Coordinator
I personally received dozens of text messages as soon as I played Fishy, Fishy, Fishy and the Phillies received 100s of e-mails, asking what the song was. I've had more comments on that one song than anything else I have ever played in my 11-year career as music coordinator for the Philadelphia pro teams.
2008 Oct 25

Sandi & Stevie at the 2008 Baseball World Series
Sandi & Stevie's Fishy, Fishy, Fishy song, from their Sealife Songs CD, was played at the Baseball 2008 World Series Game 3 between the Philadelphia Phillies and Tampa Bay Rays and broadcast on FOX TV affiliates across the world. Fishy, Fishy, Fishy was played during the pre-game build up as the Rays starting lineup was announced. The crowd went completely fishy!
2008 Oct 15

New Bedtime Favorites CD to be released for Christmas 2008
Sandi & Stevie will soon be releasing a brand new CD of 20 traditional Bedtime Favorites - sung exclusively by Sandi (with a guest appearance by Stevie). All the songs have brand new arrangements from the same team that brought you Insect Songs & Sealife Songs. As an added bonus, Sandi & Stevie have included 3 original songs written specially for the album!
2008 Oct 10

Sandi & Stevie honored by KIDiddles
Sandi & Stevie are thrilled to be honored by KIDiddles for their Insect Songs & Sealife Songs by being voted to the KIDiddles Hall Of Fame - Best in Children's Music! Typically, the Sand Crab wants to take all the credit!
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