The land’s made of ice
Brrr! It’s so bitterly cold
The ocean’s so clear
It’s a sight to behold
There’s really bad storms
They are not very nice
You don’t find much life
On the Antarctic ice

The penguins follow like sheep
In single file they shuffle their feet
The penguins get ready to leap
Off of the iceberg and into the deep

With their long black tail coats
And their white formal shirts
The penguins look like waiters
Serving frozen desserts
They use their short wings
To dive nine-hundred feet
Swim away ten miles an hour
From the predators they meet

The penguins climb out of the sea
Followed by their chicks
There’s one, two, three
And when there’s a cold icy storm
The penguins huddle in a group
Packed tightly in a swarm

And cuddle one another
To keep toasty warm