The sea star is amazing and it’s so beautiful
It twinkles in the water
As it moves it’s arms so gracefully
Hmm! I wonder what happens to the stars
When they fall from the sky

I see a starfish moving in with the tide
Clinging to seaweed – see how he takes a ride
See how he’s holding tight to rocks on the beach
Out of the sunlight
Slowly he will return to the deep

Star of the sea – pretty as can be
Have you fallen from the sky to live in the sea

I see a starfish rising up with the waves
Scattered on shorelines where the kelp and shells lay
Yellow and pink and blue – some with purple hues
I really like how their arms move
Anyway that they choose

Star of the sea – so colorful and free
As he moves along the shore with tubular feet

I see a starfish gliding along the sand
If I get close it may move towards my hand
I must remember to keep him nice and wet
Then put him back into the ocean
I mustn’t forget

Star of the sea – what a sight for me
Will you make my wish come true as you fall to the sea?

Star of the sea
Star of the sea
Star of the sea