The angel fish is so graceful
They have beautiful fins that look like angel’s wings
It’s my favorite creature fro
m the sea

I like the sea anemones
Because they look like a flower waving in the wind

I like the sea turtle – it is so amazing
It swims so peacefully in the ocean water

I like the octopus
Because I like the way they squirt out black ink
When they’re trying to get away from predators

I like the whale
And when it comes up for a breath
It shoots out water out of a hole from it’s back

I like the way the seahorses
Hang onto the seaweed when they swim
And I like the colors that they have on their backs

The jellyfish looks squishy – he’s so cute
You can see right through it

I like all the creatures in the ocean
You know, the ocean and all the creatures that live there
Need to be protected
So that their beauty may be treasured
By our children and our children’s children