Oh boy! Look at the sand crab
He’s using his hind legs to dig out a hole

Oh, Oh! Whats Crabby doing?
Hmm! Seems like he’s rolling the sand into a sand ball

Wow! Look out
Here comes the sand crab
He’s holding a sand ball the one he just rolled

Oh, Oh! Watch out
He’s holding that sand ball above his head

Hes going to throw it

He lobs the sand ball at an innocent crab
With a smile on his face
Says, “Hey, don’t be mad”
Then runs to his hole and slides down
’Til he’s gone, gone, gone, gone…

The sand crab pops up from his hole
And gets hit in the head with a flying sand ball

Oh, serves him right!
Hes getting a taste of his own medicine

He looks dizzy

Just then hundreds of sand crabs
Come out of their holes and join in a brawl

That’s another fine mess he’s gotten us into
Yeah, that’s just typical

A hermit crab shouts
You’d better watch out
There’s thousands of sand balls flying about
Take cover, duck down
Here comes one now”
Look out, look out, look out, look out…

The tide’s rushing in
The sand crabs all hide
We’ll see them again when it’s low tide
They’ve vanished into their holes
They are gone, gone, gone, gone…