Im a pretty kitty catfish
I dont have paws to go pit-a-pat
I have whiskers on my face
And I look like a kitty cat

I’m a parrotfish
And I live in the coral reef
I’m known ‘round here as “Cattle of the Sea”
There’s something I have that’s quite unique
My front teeth are shaped like a beak

Im a witty kitty catfish
I dont drink milk and I dont eat fish
I have a tail thats not too fat
And I swim like a kitty cat

I’m a cowfish
And I have four long horns
I’m the funniest looking fish around
If you try to catch me with your hands
I’ll make a grunting sound

Im a snitty kitty catfish
I dont meow, I dont purr
And I dont believe in chasing mice
Cause I dont think its very nice

I’m a zebrafish
I have poisonous spines
I spread them out in the shape of a fan
I’m beautiful with my pretty stripes
Hey, you’d better keep away
Don’t touch me, man!

Im a catfish
I am a parrotfish
I’m a cowfish
I am a zebrafish

Dont be naïve, you must believe
Appearances can deceive
Dont believe everything you see