See the jelly – jellyfish flop
Floating on their back
Like a soup bowl or a mushroom
Waiting for a snack
See them quickly getting rid of
The weight that they tote
It’s the one thing that they must do
To continue to float

The jellyfish will never eat too much
They’ll swim if they ever decide
They don’t have a brain so they sense things by touch
They travel on currents and tides

See the jelly, jellyfish flop
On waters still
Drifting slowly, plopping gently
With tentacles that thrill
Cassiopeia, Craspedacusta
Squishy bodies bright
Floating upside down and sideways
With their mouths upright

Stand back and don’t touch if you see a jellyfish
While playing along a lagoon
It may appear okay to give him a swish
But their stings are like shooting harpoons

Can you fish flop – jellyfish flop?
Just touch your toes
Let your head sway, let your arms plop
Put your knees to your nose

I can fish flop – jellyfish flop
I am touching my toes
Let my head sway, let my arms plop
Put my knees to my nose

Jellyfish flop, jellyfish flop
o the jellyfish flop
Jellyfish flop, jellyfish flop
Do the jellyfish flop

Jelly…, jelly…, do the jellyfish flop
Jelly…, jelly…, do the jellyfish flop