I have eel-ectricity in my tail
My body is smooth, I have no scales
I move like a snake beneath the sea
You can get a shock from me

I light up the ocean as I go
I can make a light bulb glow
Touching me will make you squeal
I’m an Electric Eel

I hide myself on the ocean floor
I’m shaped like a pancake don’t you know
I can give two hundred volts
That’s quite a jolt
I’m an Electric Ray – I lurk below

I’ve traveled the sea from end to end
In search of an electric friend
A fish that’s living in the sea
Who won’t be shocked by me

I’ve been searching in the deep blue sea
For a fish who is related to me
I am looking for my kin, I won’t give in
Until I find my family

I’ll swim above the ocean floor
In search of a friend to call my own
I’ll swim around the deep blue sea
And give off eel-ectricity

Hey, I can see you down below
Electricity makes you glow
You give a charge – you’re just like me
Howzabout some company

We’re electric fish living in the sea
You’re a distant cousin to me
You’re my extended family
I’d love your company

Let’s go!
We light up the ocean as we go
Our wattage makes the sea bed glow
We swim the ocean floor from shore to shore
We are friends forever more
Friends forever more