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Sandra the Spider:
I’m Sandra the spider
I want a bug for tea
I’m looking for a fat insect
To take him home with me
I’ve spun a web symmetrically
I’ve used my special weave
He’ll be relaxed and he won’t know
That I won’t let him leave

Don’t forget I’m a spider
I have eight legs on me
An insect only has six legs
So they’re no match for me

Samson the Fat Horsefly:
I’m Samson the fat horsefly
I’m going for some tea
Sandra thinks that I don’t know
She wants to dine on me
I’ll get relaxed so she thinks there’s
No place I’d rather be
But after I’ve drunk up my tea
I’ll fly off and be free

Don’t forget I’m a fat insect
I have two wings on me
Sandra has just her legs
So she’s no match for me

I’m out o’here!